Into The Woodz/Save Trees (Sponsor)




Thanking you kindly for visiting, thank you for giving a thought to the well being of our planet.

Welcome and thanks for visiting.

Here you can view the various types of products we have or can source, and read about our tree planting sheme. When I left the meeting we had to set up this project, I had the feeling that for the first time in my life, I was actually engaging in something truly worthwhile.

We are based in rural Wiltshire, do not have a shop/retail outlet, instead we just promote our products at Exhibitions and Events. We are launching this company in 2012, we are small and intend to stay that way, however, we think big, and the quality of our products is a testimony of our conduct and mindset. I expect that every item we sell will outlast us, its durability will hold up, and its functionality will serve its owner well.

Buying a table and a set of chairs for £1000 will pay for another 100 trees to be planted, you can sit at this table with a feeling of well being that others can only envy but will have respect for.

The cost of items varies according to size, weight and type of wood. When you contact us we will endeavour to deal with your enquiry as quick as possible. If this year is successful then next year I consider to take the tree planting scheme to the next level….

Consequently, each £100 spent on any of our products provides funding to ensure that 10 trees will be planted. As time progresses I expect to see this scheme grow and we will update this site accordingly to keeps our customers posted.

I do not expect others to do what I would not. I have sufficient trust in the people that I have met to believe that they are at least as committed as I am to ensure that all monies are spent most efficiently. The villagers depend on the forest, the government gives each village a large piece of forest to manage and helps the villagers accordingly, it is Dio’s responsibility to co-ordinate this relationship. The villagers work voluntarily to improve the well being of the forest. I was surprised to learn that one of their main reasons for doing this is to improve air quality, one of my main reasons for getting involved was to create oxygen for future generations.

I told Dio that I would want to pay something for the work that is done, he discussed the matter with the Poo-Yai Baan and it was agreed that the money I give not only provides new trees but also pays for food for the people working to clear and prepare the land for planting.

The wife of one of my closest friends worked for the University in Bangkok. She connected me with one of her close friends who works for the Forestry Department in North Thailand. I met up with three of her team just outside Chiang Rai, one of them, Dio, co-ordinates a number of villages involved in the Community Forest Scheme. He is seen in the picture below handing over a cheque for £1000 to a village ‘headman’ [Poo-Yai Baan] from ‘Into the woodz’ to initiate our involvement with this scheme.